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About Us


Michelangelo is expanding worldwide with the mission to provide every customer with German-Standard products.


In 2014, Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH took over the brand of Michelangelo. The traditional Michelangelo cutlery extends product categories to professional cookware. In recent three decades, Michelangelo has constantly developed new products to expand its portfolio and grown into a renowned brand with quality kitchenware. 

The newly developed unique Granite Collection, trendy Galaxy Series and healthy Copper Ceramic line products represent Michelangelo's concept - for the art of cooking.


Shaped it with experience, sharpened it with precision, crafted with innovative technology, and checked it with a meticulous German eye. Although we don't know who you are, we do know this: our products will be your best cooking partner in every moment spent with your beloved ones. Michelangelo created its own website in February 2021 and started our delicious voyage with you.

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